Cow Cuddling involves meeting, sitting with, cuddling, and scratching hand-raised cows on a farm. The slower heart rate and warm body temperature of the cows induces a slowing of our own heart rate, as well as the release of Oxytocin, our social bonding hormone.

Virtually experience in the episode of Happy Brain an Animal Rescue Farm and meet a number of beautiful, hand-raised Therapy Cows (incl. Amy, and Sally) to enjoy both the scientifically proven physiological benefits of the activity as well as the relaxing effects of being outside in the open air on our scenic farm surrounded by tropical rainforest.


Cow Cuddling Co. is currently fundraising to purchase the offspring of our beloved Therapy Cows.

DONATION LINK – https://gofund.me/8603206e

Cow Cuddling Co. is a social enterprise that employs people living with mental illness and intellectual disabilities and donates a portion of our profits to a local Cancer Wellness Centre – COUCH. Not only do people get to enjoy the amazing benefits of Cow Cuddling Therapy but they can rest assured that their participation directly helps to support those most in need in our local community (in terms of employment opportunities and through contributions to Cancer Wellness services) in addition to providing a safe, long-term home for our beautiful Therapy Cows.

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